CashCrate Pays!
CashCrate will pay you!

Welcome to my CashCrate site!

I've tried all kinds of sites trying to make money online.
The only one I've had any success with is CashCrate.
They pay you to complete surveys and free offers.

You can take 2 surveys each day worth $.80 each.
The offers themselves pay you anywhere from $.25 to $1.00 each.

And - CashCrate has a terrific referral program.
You make 20% of what your referrals earn & 10% of what their referrals earn.
Also, you will receive a $3.00 bonus for each of your referrals when they earn their first $10.00.

I've received 3 checks from them so far.
My very first check was for $17.30.  My second was for $20.75.  The third check was for $26.70.  I did this without any referrals.

Here is a copy of my first check.

And - here is a copy of my second check....

Got another check in November!!  See below.

Click on one of my banners or my referral link below to learn more about this program!

  Get paid to do daily surveys and to complete free offers.  
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